Doctor Harold T.M. Lawrence, or Doc HTML

Scientist Doctor Harold T.M. Lawrence is back again, resurfaced from wherever it was he went, and he's forgotten how to speak! Join us in watching as he performs his most daring experiment to date - relearning the alphabet! 
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X has been omitted for it's uselessness and difficulty

Doc HTML returns, and his beloved academy welcomes him in this presentation, orientation, introduction from he himself.

Here’s a musical selection from the Doctor himself, to get you into the mood for science and exploration.

This is the the first part of a lecture series exploring what our lived landscape looks like after the fall of the wall, that wall between the URL and the IRL. Our first lecturer is a DIY scientist who has been working with "me" for years now and we're finally ready to share our findings. After years of living exclusively on the web, finally it's time to emerge and begin to really discuss what has been going on there. Hope you're ready for a rousing discussion of the web, the avatar and me!
Hi, my name is Doctor Harold T.M. Lawrence, DocHTML and I'm here representing Lawrence Laboratories. Here at Lawrence Laboratories we have been experimenting, contemplating, hypothesizing. Our question? Email, what is it good for?